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Throughout the construction stage, SAMM's experienced and trained professionals perform as key members of the construction team.


During the conceptual stage, the SAMM team will provide accurate budgets and design expertise which will ensure the design for your project is realistic and cost-effective. When needed, detailed spreadsheets can be provided to define the areas of the project in which the costs occur. Through active involvement during this stage, the SAMM team will provide value to your project which will be realized in the bottom line construction cost.


In many cases, the best value for the client is realized by utilizing our services on a design-build or design-assist basis. In many areas, design-build has become the preferred delivery method due to shorter fast-track construction schedules. Further, an early commitment to budget and schedule can be engaged with design-build. During the design phase, the client is able to review different design components and their cost impact and make decisions during the early stage of the project development. This allows the team to establish the most cost-effective design. SAMM's  team is capable of managing the design-build process from concept to completion.

Many of the projects within our portfolio were completed on a design-build or design-assist basis. Through this extensive array of projects, the SAMM team is ultimately capable of successfully delivering your project on a design-build or design-assist basis.


The SAMM team will provide comprehensive estimating of the construction documents at any stage of design completeness. Our staff will prepare a competitive proposal in which a clear and complete scope of work is defined. Through this process, our staff will define value-engineering opportunities for consideration. If requested, the SAMM team will offer a cost estimating detail which will allow the owner to understand the cost magnitude for defined areas of the project.

Project Management:

The SAMM team will provide comprehensive support to all electrical aspects of the project. With the extensive project experience of our team, SAMM will perform as an active contributor and team-member in the successful construction of the project. Their staff is committed to consistently deliver exceptional services through all phases of the construction process, including on-time and on-budget performance. Project management staff are equipped to operate electronically and, if necessary, will adopt any project-specific electronic requirements.

Field Management and Staffing:

The SAMM team of highly trained and motivated field professionals are supervised by experienced industry leaders. Our expert staff are dedicated to providing the full range of services to satisfy your needs, from implementing long-standing proven industry methods to offering new and innovative solutions to your needs. All services are provided with the highest quality workmanship.

One of our primary focuses, through the entire construction process, is to understand and meet the schedule requirements and to strive to always exceed expectations relative to completion time and overall performance.


At SAMM safety is the number one job priority. Ownership for this responsibility is accepted by all employees throughout the company. All work is performed in strict accordance with the SAMM Safety Policy as well as all project specific safety requirements. The SAMM team possesses and maintain the required OSHA certifications as well as Competent Person trainin
g certifications on task specific activities (i.e. confined spaces, excavation, fall protection, scaffolding, First Aid/CPR, etc.). The goal is to always maintain a zero-accident work environment.